eBook creation

eBook - White Paper Creation

Improve your lead quality with engaging, mobile friendly digital eBooks

Improve Lead Quality & Customer Retention

Gain more subscribers to your mailing list by giving away a FREE downloadable digital eBook written to entice your target audience to sign up to your email newsletter. It doesn’t matter which industry or service is your specialisation we can write the book for you.

The eBook title could be “10 Unknown ways to ???
Save money
Lose weight
Get Better Insurance
Become a better parent
Become a gas fitter, etc

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Collectable Actionable Data

eBooks last forever and are share via various social platforms. You can make your eBook viral with the right content and the right promotion. Using links embed within the eBook you can control where readers are directed to. You can also change the redirect links whenever you choose. Each link in the eBook is tracked allowing you to gauge what works for your company.

Beautifully Designed Engaging Layouts

With our professionally designed custom layouts we create  stunning interactive eBooks to increase user engagement ensuring you get maximum ROI over the short and long term life of the book.

Each book has trackable – changeable links to collect important data.

Find Out More How Using eBooks As A Marketing Strategy Can Seriously Help Your Business

It doesn’t matter which industry or service you operate in we are positive we can help. Get in touch today to discuss the many options in which we can help market your business. We can be reached on 01279 793 723 five days per week. Initial consultations are 100% free.